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Lindsay in the sand beanie, with Falling Leaf's doggy mascot



The designs aim to showcase the beauty of Scotland, using photos taken on our motorbike travels.

They include the Falling Leaf motto of “all good things are wild and free” to inspire you to get out into the wilderness and experience what this beautiful country has to offer.

There's something for everyone, from romantic roads and serene lochs to soft, sandy beaches and rugged mountain biking routes, with more designs getting added all the time.
Got any suggestions for new designs? Let us know!


The world is at a tipping point ecologically, so we're doing what we can to make good quality, ethically sound, sustainable fashion accessible to all.


Falling Leaf Clothing uses:

  • unisex, ethically sourced, vegan, organic cotton and recycled polyester clothing,

  • printed in solvent-free, water-based inks,

  • using electricity from 100% renewable sources and 100% carbon neutral gas.


For example:

Our recycled polyester bodywarmers save the equivalent of 7 x 1L plastic bottles from going to landfill. Our organic cotton caps and beanies are embroidered using an innovative plastic-free process.

Our t-shirts and hoodies are made from organic cotton and are printed using solvent free inks and 100% renewable energy.

All of our products are:

  • labelled with wildflower seed paper tags, attached with jute string,

  • dispatched in fully compostable packaging.


FLC founder Lindsay left her career in whisky packaging in autumn 2021 after coming 4th in a Dragons' Den style competition for new businesses in the Forth Valley, Scotland.

4th place may not seem that impressive, but considering the huge number of entries (2021 was of course the Year of the Start Up), and the fact she didn't even have any actual samples yet to show the judges, their enthusiasm gave her the confidence boost that what she was trying to do was worthwhile, so she went for it.

Ploughing all of her savings into stock of her carefully designed and curated clothing, she has learned every stage of the business through trial and error since then - from website building and inventory management to public liability and international shipping - and is still learning every day.

Making many new friends (and taking advantage of the good nature of many old ones) along the way, she has built a brand to be proud of, holding on to an ethos that has driven everything since day one:

"Sustainable clothing shouldn't be the privilege of the wealthy. Nor should it be boring."

Looking for some good luck? Legend has it that catching a falling leaf on the first day of autumn will bring you good luck for the winter ahead.

For us at least, autumn (or 'fall' for our cousins in the US) is by far the best season - maybe because, as Scots, we don't have high expectations of the weather during that time of the year, so we're less disappointed. We look out our cosy clothing, layer it up, and take walks amongst the fiery colours of the turning leaves. Then we snuggle down by the crackling fire with something warm and spiced, and maybe a good book.

The falling leaf is, for us, the emblem of this magical time - that's why it features on every one of our lovely garments. It reminds us that time is fleeting, but also that spring is not far away: we're doing what we can to keep our impact on nature to a minimum, to ensure that everything has the best chance to regrow and flourish when the time comes.

A pretty illustration of a red-headed girl in autumnal colours, scarf and hair blowing in the wind

If you're tired of paying too much for sustainable clothing and are looking for something a bit different, have a browse through our collection - we'd love to know what you think!

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