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It's a big deal

There's immense excitement at FLC HQ! A massive milestone reached and another item checked off the bucket list. Read on to see what's got me all pleased with myself...

When you write a business plan (as I have done a few times now, as I'm packed full of ideas that usually end up in the bin) you probably can't help but create a kind of itinerary of the various stages and milestones you'd like that business to reach, seldom truly believing (for me at least) that you'll make it there with so many obstacles to overcome before then. Chatting with friends and family, I spoke of the dream of the first sale, the first bit of positive feedback, the first time I would see someone in the street wearing a piece of clothing I'd designed...never in a million years did I think I would skip a good few steps and have reached the stage already where I can actually go into a shop and see my stuff on sale inside, alongside real life, actual, proper brands!

Certain friends would definitely now pull me up on my use of the word 'dream' above, as well as my suggestion that Falling Leaf is not, in comparison, a 'real life', 'actual' or 'proper' brand. And they'd be right - I do have a heavy dose of imposter syndrome! But why should this achievement inspire disbelief? I've worked really hard to get to this stage, so while it has happened sooner than I could have dreamed (that word again) that doesn't make it any less real, does it? So, I'm going to own it, say it loud and proud, and know that it's justified: Falling Leaf Clothing now has a stockist!

Sneaky screenshot nabbed from their Insta story shows a brief glimpse of some FLC gear

Our good friends at Ride Innerleithen Ltd are the first shop IN THE WORLD to hold some of Falling Leaf Clothing's bestsellers. Our lovely, cosy, organic cotton and recycled polyester hoodies and super-soft organic cotton t-shirts are now proudly displayed alongside some truly awesome biking gear - more technical clothing brands like DHaRCO and Madison, protective gear like SixSixOne, and brilliant bike brands Pivot, Kinesis and Frog. They're based in Scottish mountain biking mecca Innerleithen in the Tweed Valley as the name suggests, and I hope their customers will see Falling Leaf as a lovely, comfy, Scottish leisurewear option to throw on after a hard day's riding in the hills.

Ride Innerleithen is now a member of the Cycle To Work Scheme if you're looking to reduce your emissions, get fit and treat yourself to a new bike for commuting. They do weekly rideouts where you get to marvel at just how fast a bike can go when someone who knows what they're doing is in charge. They can service your bike and then introduce you to all the local hidden trails, with loads more helpful hints along the way. They've fast become a key member of the local community and are all round good peeps - I'm really chuffed they've accepted Falling Leaf Clothing into the fold!

Pop in and have a browse next time you're down that way.

Want to become a Falling Leaf Clothing stockist?

Drop Lindsay a mail at to set up a chat.

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