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WE'RE EXPECTING! A new member of the FLC collection is coming soon

You asked; we provided. Just as we're settling into the downward sprint towards Christmas, having taken all of your requests and feedback on board, we've decided to treat you guys to just one more option within the FLC collection.

That's right, in a couple of weeks' time we'll be introducing you to our latest item - a new t-shirt design! You'll be familiar with the image we've used on this new entry, and it's made in the same gloriously soft organic cotton of all the rest, and printed in the same water-based, solvent-free inks using 100% renewable energy. This one, however, due to high demand, features the FLC motto - "ALL GOOD THINGS ARE WILD AND FREE" - along with our favourite image of the romantic, breath-taking and inspiring route to Glencoe that has proven so popular amongst Falling Leafers.

But what colour will it be? Ah, for that you'll have to wait and see. We should be ready to reveal all (so to speak) on the 17th of December - just in time for you to order it for Christmas! Stocks are limited so make sure you're keeping an eye on our Facebook page for the latest news.

We may even have a few on show at our final Christmas market of the year in Ocean Terminal from the 20th to the 23rd of December...see you there?

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